Filipinos have always made their marks wherever they go around the world, whichever field they would take. Whether they’d be half or full-blooded Filipinos, it doesn’t really matter—they would still have that courageous blood of Rizal in their veins and their achievements would make millions of Filipinos around the globe proud. So since many have already made their marks, I have compiled a list of famous Filipinos that deserve a Hall of Fame Award, Filipino version.
Lea Salonga
Who else deserves the highest spot in this list but the very talented and always humble singer-actress that won the hearts of many people all around the world with her compelling voice. She’s the voice behind Kim in Miss Saigon, Mulan, and many other famous musical films.

Charise Pempengco
Her fame as one of the most watched in Youtube and most Googled young Filipina singer, may be instantaneous but she sure does deserve the second to the highest spot. She is the girl that has the voice as powerful as that of Whitney Houston and Celine Dion, and fortunate enough to be able to sing together with the latter.
Charice Pempengco
 Manny Pacquiao—I would dare say that no one in this planet would not know the phenomenal and undefeated Pinoy boxer. His fights never fail to calm the rebels and unite all the Filipinos as well as other nationalities all over the world. When its Pacquiao’s fight, its like the world would from revolving on its axis and everything would freeze.
 Carlo Ocab
I’m a blogger and I would always be proud of this now 15-year-old Filipino blogger who topped and still holds the crown in the most competitive keyword in the internet marketing world, “make money online’’. He started blogging, or atleast being noticed at the age of 13. Wow! His skills only prove that in every work, age doesn’t really matter. And in every field, Filipinos could always excel.
Dave Batista, Jr.
Or simply Batista,wrestling fans would always associate his name with one of the best the world has ever have. He may be half-Filipino but he sure do have the skills that every Pinoy could always be proud of.
Jasmine Trias
She might have not made it to the top 3 but she has been one of the most influential Filipino-American Idol ever even to the extent that Hawaii even declared a day for her. Her votes could have made her the mayor of her town! She’s undeniably talented and sweet.

Kiwi Camara—at the age of 19, he was the youngest and one of the brightest law graduate from Harvard. Not much was written about this amazing young man but he was able to prove Filipinos are very intellectual.
 Nicole Scherzinger—lead singer of Pussy Cat Dolls. Very beautiful, astounding and talented. She deserves a place in the Filipinos Hall of Fame.
Arnel Pineda—The Journey,The Voice. Very amazing indeed. After many years of searching for their lead singer, the group has found their man in Arnel. His voice is like no other.

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